CC Pest Control

Providing Mangawhai and local Kaipara districts

a range of pest control and pest proofing services


CC Pest Control has a range of pest management solutions for your home or business.


What pests do you need to get rid of?


  • Ants, internal and external treatments using gel baiting, powder, sprays (2 types) and  granules (2 types)
  • Native Cockroaches, external deterrent sprays
  • Wasp nest extermination, Vespex certified Wasp baiting of large areas January thru May
  • Spiders, interior and exterior deterrents
  • Child and pet friendly Flea treaments
  • Moth treatments and deterrents
  • Rats & Mice baiting programmes and pest proofing where possible
  • Bed Bug treatments









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What do we use?


We use modern products, and we stay up to date with modern methods and research.  

What does this mean for you? It means low toxic and non-toxic treatments where possible.  Safety for you and your family is our number 1 concern.

So that means we are child and pet friendly.  We have our own kids and grandkids too.  If we weren't happy to use any of our treatments around our own families, we wouldn't use them! 



Where can you find us?


We are Mangawhai based and have 16 years of pest control experience from commercial businesses, hotels, family residences, farms and even caravans.  We know what we're doing and we're here to help!



Do you have a pest problem? 

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You can also find us on the Magical Mangawhai website. Search the directory for CC Pest Control. 


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